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GEOPOLY is a geolocation economic simulator that allows users to rent, buy, upgrade and sell real-life businesses all around the world. Widow Games was founded in 2013 by former Microsoft employees. With more than 15 mobile games already developed and 1.5 million monthly subscribers, it created a rich ecosystem of VCs, Advisors, Associations and Partners to support its innovative developments.

Explore, look for opportunities, rent, buy, invest and sell in the largest capitalist game in the world where the main goal is to generate as much revenue as possible and expand your business exponentially. Players can have a gun collection, build map to fight and steal NFT from other players.

The PvP will be an Asynchronous “Tower Attack” combat where the attackers must use an especial CONSUMABLE CURRENCY to send Robots, Drones and Satellites to Hack the mainframe on top of the enemies’ Branch and steal non-tokenized digital assets.








KEY POINTS: IDO in mid December – Android and IOS game app already out.

320k Inital mcap is small

Solid partners and experienced dev team building games since 2013

Backers such as Poolz ventures, GD10, ARKN, DCI, Fish Dao, etc. METRICS

Total supply: 1B Initial MC at TGE: $320k

Private 1: Price: $0.012 Lock: 4% at TGE, 8% every month for 12 months

Private 2: Price: $0.016 Lock: 10% at TGE, 10% every month for 9 months

Public sale: Price: $0.02 Lock: 20% at TGE and 20% every month for 4 months TGE: November

Our Deal: Private 1: Price: $0.012 Lock: 4% at TGE, 8% every month for 12 months


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