Rise of Rhelegus: Announcement

We have a very exciting upcoming project for which we are partnering with selected influencers for long term mutual rewards. 

The project is named Rise of Rhelegus https://riseofrhelegus.com/ (The website is being worked upon and would be 100 percent ready by this weekend.)

Allow us to brief you about our project: ROR

Our project (ROR) has an enormous scope and has already attracted eyeballs and raised a heavy funding without even 1% public promotion yet. 

Main Reasons being:

  1. The artwork is created by extremely talented artists sourced from different parts of the world. 
  2. We have thoroughly mapped out future plans which include airdrops in ROR2 (mutants – 2nd project), game development, comics, physical collectibles among others.
  3. A full fledged marketing team to make sure that RoR is a success even before its launch.
  4. We have the required network to get the the word of mouth going
  5. We already have tie ups with some very popular influencers names of whom will be made public very soon.
  6. Last but not the least, our product and story stands out from all the rest. We want to connect with the audience at a deeper level and not make this “just another NFT project.”

We are definitely on our way to become the ‘Game of Thrones‘ of the NFT world. 

For all details regarding Partnership, please check out the Rise of Rhelegus Partnership Page 

What Can you Expect from this project? 

Same thing which we all want – long term recurring rewards and recognition.